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Russia dug out the ancient tombs of the millennium. The tomb owner was actually a Chinese star.Broadcast article

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In the Siberian wasteland,moment information an ancient tomb was accidentally found when a miner excavated.This tomb is unique and similar to ancient Chinese buildings.Archaeological experts came to identify and confirmed that it was a tomb of the Western Han Dynasty.Why does an ancient Chinese tomb appear in the distant Siberia?Who is the tomb owner?A series of puzzles sparked people's strong curiosity and association.

The story behind this mysterious tomb may be amazing.It comes from the distant East, and it has experienced a long baptism and eventually stays under the frozen soil of Siberia.A epitaph of an oriental hero's epitaph thousands of years ago, a shocking story that spanned the Asia -Europe mainland was unfolding ...

It is confirmed that the owner of this ancient tomb is Li Ling, a famous Western Han Dynasty,Li Ling was not born in an ordinary family. His grandfather was Li Guang, a famous Han Dynasty.Many people have given many people to Li Ling's hopes, hoping that he can inherit his grandfather's mantle and become an excellent military general.

Li Ling has shown extraordinary martial arts talents since he was a child. He diligently practiced martial arts, studied the military law, and longed for one day to lead the army to fight the sand field.After Emperor Hanwu's throne, Li Ling joined the army and began his military career.At first, Emperor Hanwu was not optimistic about Li Ling.When Li Ling volunteered to ask for the led, Emperor Hanwu rejected his request and only arranged for him to be responsible for some auxiliary work.

Li Ling was dissatisfied with this.He believes that this is an insult to his martial arts and talents.So he wrote many times on Emperor Hanwu, and strongly showed his determination and courage.Li Ling said in the memorial,He has 5,000 brave fighters,All are the best in Jingchu.These people are superb, and the swords are all enough to fight against the enemy.Li Ling invited Emperor Han Wu to give him this opportunity to prove that he was as sweet as dying.

After repeated begging, Li Ling finally said that he had moved Emperor Hanwu.Emperor Hanwu promised to give him a 5,000 infantry and let him lead the small troops into the honeysters of the Huns and conduct raids.This is undoubtedly a chance for young Li Ling.He can do his skills and contribute to his skills.You can also win glory for your family and live up to expectations.

Emperor Hanwu also deliberately arranged Li Ling's deputy Lu Bade to follow him.Lu Bude was arrogant and looked down on Li Ling, a younger generation.He used to be important and reused by Emperor Hanwu.Now he has to listen to Li Ling, which makes him embarrassed.

In order to avoid being commanded by Li Ling, Lu Bade privately said to Emperor Hanwu in private.He claimed that at this time, the Huns cavalry was just as sharp as that, and our troops were out of balance and should not go deep.This remark made Emperor Hanwu's military movement of Li Ling's military operation, thinking that he was a well -known man.

Nonetheless, Li Ling led his troops as scheduled.A bloody war is inevitable. For the young Li Ling, it is undoubtedly an important turning point in a crisis in the crisis.He must defeat the enemy and make great achievements in order to re -establish his prestige.

Li Ling knew that this expedition was here.If you lose your work, his hard work will be put into the east.So no matter how many enemy forces, he will fight for fighting.Even if the old man had a corpse, he still had a break, and he had to break through and present the victory's Jiexin to Emperor Hanwu.

This is for the family, and it is also for its own future and reputation.Li Ling knew how much the burden on his shoulder was, so he didn't dare to relax for a moment, and was ready to meet the storm -like dangers at any time.

However, he never expected that his in -depth actions this time would eventually lead him to where to go ...

This war is undoubtedly a test of life and death for Li Ling.Although he had also led his troops before, he had never encountered such a powerful enemy.The Xiongnu Shan was about to destroy the Han nationality, and to transfer the army of the two sages of the two sages to siege the 5,000 Han soldiers.Although Li Ling's ministry was struggling to resist, he was still out of match.

The Han army's plan itself is very hasty.Earlier, Li Guangli's army defeated after confrontation with the Huns, and as a result, Li Ling was exposed to the enemy.Li Ling originally looked forward to the support of the Han Dynasty, and the generals of the Heades were heavy and unable to help each other.At this time, an interior provided the Han army in front of the Huns, so that the enemy was convinced that he could help it.

Even if the situation is very difficult, Li Ling is still fighting on the retreat.His bow and arrows were exhausted, the vehicles were damaged, and the casualties finally surrendered to the enemy.The young commander may also blame himself in his heart. He failed to complete the mission, nor did he wipe out the enemy as shameless.However, no one can change this ending.

Li Ling's surrender to Emperor Hanwu can be imagined.In his opinion, Li Ling's talent should not end in this way.As soon as he was angry, he was tortured because of Sima Qian's pleasure. It can be seen how much he cares about his country.In fact, we should not demand every courtier to give up their righteousness. The key is to distinguish where the motivation for surrender is.

Li Ling was later forced to wander in the north for many years, and he deeply realized the desolation of leaving his hometown.The mountains and rivers were broken, and no one listened. Suddenly, the teenager's head, the slightest silk.He was destined to have a heart with Emperor Hanwu, because the battle was like a boulder between the two.This may explain why Li Ling finally chose not to return to the countryside, and it was gone.

Li Ling, Ji Wu, is the grandson of Li Guang, a famous Western Han Dynasty.He inherited his ancestral military talent, and was appreciated and reused by Emperor Hanwu.In 99 BC, Li Ling led the army to attack the Huns. Unfortunately, he was ambush, and the entire army was overwhelmed.In the face of the dead bureau, Li Ling could only surrender to the Huns in order to keep his life.

After this bad news was spread back to the Han Dynasty, it aroused great anger of Emperor Hanwu.He not only deprived Li Lingjue, but also executed more than 800 people in Li Ling's whole family to discharge his heart.Li Ling learned that his family was killed, his heart was ashamed, and he was completely desperate for the Han Dynasty.

The Xiongnu Shan saw Li Ling martial arts high and strategically, and tried to win him.Li Ling got the title of King Zuo Xian, married Shan Yu's daughter as his wife, and jumped into a Xiongnu noble.It seems that Li Ling has fully integrated into the Huns and has no nostalgia for the Han Dynasty.

In fact, Li Ling's heart always cares about the hometown of the Han Dynasty.In the 60s BC, during the detain of the Han ambassador Su Wu, Li Ling personally went to console and allowed Su Wu to keep hope.This move shows that Li Ling did not abandon the Han people.He also wrote works such as "Better Song" and "Answer Su Wu Shu" to express his loneliness and nostalgia.

Li Ling died after more than 20 years of life in the Huns.Perhaps his last wish, the Huns built a large -scale Han mausoleum for him.The objects unearthed in the tomb also have rich Chinese cultural colors.This undoubtedly reflects the sense of belonging and cultural identity before Li Ling's birth.

Li Ling was discovered on the Russian border in later generations.According to the characteristics of the tomb and unearthed cultural relics, experts speculate that the tomb owner is likely to be Li Ling himself.This makes people sigh for Li Ling's bumpy fate and contradictions -he is a heroic hero who is loyal to the Han Dynasty, but can only bury the sorrowful hero.

Regarding the master of this tomb Li Ling, can we fairly and objectively judge Li Ling's historical skills?

His encounters reflected the complex political environment at the time, and at the same time reflected the complexity of human nature.History is often dramatic.What we can do is to put aside prejudices, adopt a rational and tolerant attitude, and continue to explore the truth.Only by maintaining an open and humble mentality can we understand this history more objectively.


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