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2024 Gold How many grams now

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The day before yesterday, I wrote an article in a large number. My prediction: Biden would win, which said why I think Biden would win.

Then at noon yesterday, my backstage was full of people who looked at my jokes.

For example, some people say that this is simply an election without suspense, and Trump is simply winning:

Some people say that I am still too young after all, and the information of the polls is very nonsense:

Some people have concluded in the afternoon, Trump has been on the throne:

There are many people with weird yin and yang:

And more people, I think it is still a businessman who produces small products in Zhejiang, winning the poll company:

Even Trump himself announced his victory and began to express his victory.

However, now, except for the polls, it has once again proved that it is unreliable, everything is reversed.

After Trump announced that he had won the election, the election status was not as good as him.

Especially in the past 12 hours, the situation has changed.

With the continuation of the ticket singing, not only did Trump's leading Wisconsin gradually turned blue, but now the official Xuan Bai Deng won the ten electoral tickets:

Even Trump's sharply leading Michigan had turned blue more than ten hours ago. Now he also announced that Biden won the victory and won the 16 votes:

After officially won the Wisconsin and Michigan, Bayeon's electoral votes reached 264 votes, which was only 6 votes away from 270 votes.

In other words, as long as he wins any of the Nevada/Pennsylvania/George Asia, he can meet the standard of 270 votes.

Among them, Nevada is a traditional Democratic State, and Biden has been leading.

Most of the remaining in Pennsylvania and Georgia are posting tickets, and they are quickly catching up.

If there is no accident, Biden won in the results of the voting.

But this does not mean that Trump lost, and Biden was successfully elected as the next US president.

Winning the election is just the first step of Bayeng who wants to win the election. If you want to defeat Trump, there is still a long way to go.

3. What will happen if Bayeng won the election?

To be sure, Trump also thought about the current situation, so he announced the victory in advance, published a prize speech in advance, and tweeted:

We have won, but they tried to steal our elections.We will never let this happen!

Although this Post was quickly judged by Twitter as a rumor, it also represents the attitude of the Trump team.

Subsequently, Trump spoke in the White House, saying that he had won, and asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the election and stop the votes, announcing Trump's victory:

Last night, after the Wisconsin and Michigan returned to blue, Trump even tweeted, pointing to the Democratic cheating:

Now, Trump Twitter has accused the Democrats of cheating.Trump's supporters are also using various languages to brush the topic of "Democrats Cheating" on various platforms.

Such as this:


There is also the current political blogger who said "seeing humans still hope".

In addition to online brushes, there are many Trump supporters offline demonstration.

For example, this white man with a T -shirt with "barbecue, beer, freedom", interrupted media interviews, and roared:

The media also broadcast this paragraph.

So even if Biden finally won 270 votes and completed the turn, Trump and his supporters would not accept this result.

He will try his best to refute this result as "cheating", and finally use legal means to defeat Biden.

This matter is not without precedent.

In 2000, former US President George Walker Bush, who belonged to the Republican Party, had performed similar things.

At that time, Bush and his opponent Gore were difficult to solve. After counting all the "iron ticket warehouses" of his own party, only Florida was left to become the key to the two.

Whoever wins Florida will become the US president in 2000.

In the year, the number of votes between the two sides was very, very close. Of the about 6 million voters votes, Bush won 2 909 135, Gore won 2 907 351, and other candidates won 139 616.1784 Zhang Xuanmin Tickets (equivalent to 0.0299%of Florida's total votes).

In Florida, the election law at the time stipulated:

If the voting gap obtained by the candidate is within 0.5%, the election committees of each constituency (county) must re -use the machine to count the votes once. In addition, the candidate has the right to submit manual re -counting of votes within 72 hours after the election.The committee decides whether it is feasible.The election law also stipulates that within 7 days after the end of the election, the county election committee must report the election results to the State Secretary of State's office, which will be summarized, confirmed and signed by the Secretary of State, and then announced the formal election results of the state to the prefecture.Determine the ownership of 25 presidential election votes in the state.

Therefore, Gore strongly demanded artificially re -counting the votes, and Bush, who has already won, obviously disagrees with this, so the two sides have been litigation until they resort to the Supreme Court.

On December 8th, the Supreme Court of Florida gave Gore's final voting opportunity at 4: 3 votes.The Bush camp filed an emergency appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.The nine major judges of the Supreme Court eventually issued an emergency order to immediately stop the votes with 5: 4 votes, calling the Democratic Party's re -counting in Florida.

The reason at that time was "artificial votes violated the same rights."That is to judge whether a ticket is abandoned by manual standards, different people will have different standards.

This kind of rhetoric seems very reasonable, but it can be seen from a 5-4 vote that there is a huge controversy in this judgment.Because in the final analysis, the Supreme Court involved in the US presidential election and violated the principles of the United States' "separation of three powers."

Jeffrey Tubin, a legal reporter graduated from Harvard Law School, directly hinted that the victory of the Republican Party at that time may have something to do with the ideology of the Republican Party at that time:

Because the judges were nominated by the president, the Senate confirmed that the disappearance of the Republican gentleman senators had the most direct impact on the ideological transformation of the Supreme Court.Under the sharp and opposing political climate of conservatives and liberals, the phenomenon of accompanied by is that the gentleman judges are becoming rare and rare in the Supreme Court. After the retirement of Judge Aonori, Judge Kennedy became the only gentle school and the so -called ""Swing up the ticket", from Bush to Gore to the United Citizen Citizens, one after another 5: 4 The judgment of 5: 4 makes people more and more question the political neutrality of the Supreme Court.

The same is true now.

With more and more bad news to themselves, Trump is initiating a lawsuit in the three states to demand stop checking votes:

In the future, he will initiate more lawsuits, and he may request a re -count on the number of votes, or to determine that "mailing votes" that are not good for himself is invalid.

After all, the situation is special this year, and there are too many places to do articles.

There is indeed a place where the election situation is now available. For example, the "voting of the dead" exploded by the media.The amount of mailing votes in quantity is invalid, and the election results may be completely reversed.

Therefore, Biden has basically won the election now, and there may be the results of the two sides who do not recognize each other to win the election.In the skin of each other, in the end, it is still dependent on the court.

The United States election has a great relationship. Regardless of the final court's decision, the other party will not be convinced, so in the end, it will be in the federal Supreme Court in the continuous appeal of the two parties.

After Trump's third -nominated Judge Barreta officially worked, the proportion of conservatives and liberals of the Supreme Court has reached 6 to 3.Although this does not mean that in the end to the Supreme Court, the judgment will definitely tend to the Republican Party, but it will definitely affect it.

It depends on whether the Supreme Court will accept it.

If it is not accepted, it is difficult to solve this matter. It can only be seen whether the two parties will negotiate a acceptable result.

If you accept it, refer to that time in 2000, and because the Supreme Court involved in the presidential election, many Democratic voters have not been convinced, causing a huge impact.

At that time, the American society at that time was far from the severe split today, and the contradictions came sharply.

At this moment, if similar things come again, it will only tear the American society more seriously.

Think about it, if Bayeng won in the election, but was sentenced by the Supreme Court. At that time, Biden, Biden's campaign team, Democrats, and many people who hate Trump would have any reactions ...

Or, if Trump lost, but refused to admit his defeat, what would he like to react ...

After all, the Chinese Sichuan fans pushed the combat effectiveness are better than one.

In short, although many people have expected before that this US election will develop to this step, but when it really happens, it is still a little helpless.

At this step, the results of the election are not able to come out a day or two, and they will enter a long lawsuit and leather.

At this step, what kind of situation will it be upgraded in the end, it is also difficult to predict ...

I just hope not to develop riots and armed conflicts.



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